I'm very happy to tell you some GREAT news from our favorite Guatemalan village - Santa Cruz!  Since our team's involvement in this community, participation in school has gone up...and up!

This means that more students are attending school, and student are staying in school longer.

YEAR 1: When we first started working in Santa Cruz, there were fewer than 150 students in school, grades 1-6. There was no education in the village after 6th grade, and most students had to drop out after grade 3 to help work and support the family.

YEAR 6: After 6 years of working in Santa Cruz, our team was excited to report that a new pre-school had been added, a new middle school was started (currently with over 50 students), and 4 students had gone on to high school.
While we were thrill that Santa Cruz now had students in high school, for the students themselves it meant traveling 3 hours a day by bus to and from the nearest town several times a week - and paying $800 a year (a high cost considering the average family income in Santa Cruz is about $100 per month).

NOW: There are so many kids wanting more schooling that the government built a new high school in the neighboring village of Chilasco (only 3 kilometers away, which is walking distance for Santa Cruz)!

This is fantastic news! This means that students who want to go on to high school don't have to leave the village anymore! AND their continued education is now free!

I'm happy to report that, of the 17 students who graduated from the middle school this past January, 14 are now attending high school in Chilasco.

THANK YOU: Your continued support is making a remarkable difference for the amazing, motivated children of Santa Cruz.

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Susan Blocker

Sue, this news is so exciting!!! Thank you so much for letting us know. I am so proud of these kids & the whole Guatemalian Team who helped make it happen. Where there is hope, BIG things happen. We have an amazing God.


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