Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much of my purchase goes to the Santa Cruz, Guatemala project?

A: ALL proceeds after costs go to benefit the village of Santa Cruz! We recoup only what it costs us in supplies to make our products and shipping/handling.  Our product development people do not charge for their services and therefore receive 25% of our proceeds after supplies/shipping are deducted. All products are made by volunteers, so we do not pay ourselves for production or packaging. Handling costs are related to our online checkout carrier.

An example of how costs might be apportioned:
    $500 in sales - $50 production supplies - $25 shipping/handling = $425 - 25% to product development [$106.25] =
    $318.75 in proceeds to Santa Cruz!

Q: Who makes the products you sell? American project members or the Santa Cruz children?

A: We strongly oppose child labor! All products are handmade by our American project members (college students and other adults). The designs of our notecards were created by the Santa Cruz children as part of our BizWorld program, which teaches business concepts to the kids (see our Education page). We scanned their designs and now produce the notecards ourselves. The children are happy to know that the money made from our notecard sales comes back to their village.

Q: Where's my order?

A: Orders are shipped within 5 business days of payment authorization verification (which depends on your payment option). If you do not receive your order within a few days after shipment, please contact us at

Q: Can I contribute to the Santa Cruz, Guatemala project with a tax-deductible donation?

A: Yes! Donations can be made through our parent organization, Roberts Wesleyan College, a 501 (c)(3) entity. All contributions made through RWC are tax deductible. Your donation will be acknowledged by the College for your tax deduction purposes.
To donate, send your check or money order, made out to Roberts Wesleyan College, to:
Guatemala Project
Roberts Wesleyan College
2301 Westside Dr.
Rochester, NY  14624

Q: Can I designate what part of the Santa Cruz, Guatemala project I want my donation to go towards?

A. Yes! Just write Education, Health, or Economics in the memo line of your check or money order. We will direct your donation to that part of the project.